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Get over the Language Barrier

Meet Voicero, a Live innovative voice translator that translates your voice in real-time during Microsoft Teams meetings. Voicero is about unmuting your true potential and making your mark in every meeting within the company, regardless of the language you speak.

Overcome the communication barriers and express your valuable expertise to everyone.

Voicero is very intuitive and easy to use. Just add it to the Microsoft Teams app and you’re set. You and your teammates can start setting it up individually.

Why Voicero

20 Input / Output

Get over the language barrier! Voicero recognizes 20 input and output languages, so you can understand each other regardless of the one you speak.


Each user that participates in the meeting can setup Voicero individually by choosing the input & output language and the voice type.

Male & Female

Choose from 2 voice pattern styles that will better fit your team’s style and personality.

Exclusive on
Microsoft Teams

Voicero Real-Time Translator and all its benefits are only available on Microsoft Teams.

Get over the Language Barrier

Unmute your true potential with
20 input and output languages voice translator

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Microsoft Partnership

Voicero and Microsoft have teamed up to support the brilliant ideas of the inspired and dedicated people in every organization. Together we put aside the language barrier and work to maximize everyone's potential.